CAASTRO has developed a range of high quality animations to assist in explaining physics concepts and astronomical phenomena.

Click on a title to be directed to an animation or scroll down the page. To watch in full screen mode or read explanatory text, view the animation in the YouTube website by clicking on the YouTube icon in the lower right corner that appears when playing. More CAASTRO animations can be found on the CAASTRO YouTube Channel in the 'Short animations' playlist.

Redshift - Narrated animation developed for schools
Muon Decay- Narrated animation developed for schools
Dark energy and the expansion of the Universe
The lives of binary stars can be explosive
The evolution of our Sun
Light curve of a star going supernova
Accretion onto a black hole
A pulsar is the astronomical equivalent of a lighthouse
Radio wave emission from a pulsar
How far can we see into Space?
Standard Candles in the Universe
Exploding supernova SN2012FR
The twinkling of radio sources