CAASTRO comic book "The Cosmic Adventures of Alice & Bob"


We are pleased to announce that our latest Education & Outreach legacy project has been completed: the fully illustrated comic book "The Cosmic Adventures of Alice & Bob" will be launched as a keynote stage show at Perth Astrofest on 18 March 2017.

Our CAASTRO working group, led by Education & Outreach Manager Dr Wiebke Ebeling (Curtin University) and assisted by CAASTRO School Education Officer Jenny Lynch (University of Sydney) and CAASTRO Chief Investigator Dr Christian Wolf (ANU), collaborated with Perth-based science communicators Cristy Burne (children's book author) and Perth-based Aska (illustrator) to create this fun and educational resource.

Dedication, daring and discovery…

Ever wanted to find the answer to BIG questions? Or dreamed of inventing the Next Big Thing?

The Universe is an amazing place, and we’re only beginning to understand it. There’s still so much to be discovered…

  • Join Alice and Bob on their ambitious journey to the hockey finals
  • Uncover true stories of scientific failure, fluke and fame
  • Find the everyday inventions that began with space research
  • Meet the world’s next-generation telescopes, jump on board with Citizen Science, and tackle the big questions with CAASTRO: Australia’s keen team of all-sky astronomers.


Order form

All primary and combined schools in Australia will receive a FREE copy. If your school or educational institution is interested in receiving extra copies (including class sets), we are happy to provide those. Orders will be accepted until 30 April 2017 or until stocks run out. Please complete this order form.

Copies will also be available at CAASTRO's public events such as Perth Astrofest (18 March), Sydney Astrofest (1 July), Melbourne Astronomy & Light Festival (September) and the Uluru Astronomy Weekend (20-22 October). Gold coin donations will raise funds to support local astronomy outreach projects.


Teaching notes

We have hidden heaps of clues in the book such as quotes from famous scientists and references to discoveries in astronomy and space research.

Download FREE teaching notes with ideas for classroom activities: Word Doc  /  PDF