EoR Global Signal Workshop - Presentation Slides

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DAY 1 (19 November 2012)

Bryan Gaensler: Welcome
Frank Briggs: The pursuit of primordial hydrogen
Adrian Liu: Current state of global signal theory
Lincoln Greenhill: LEDA
Leon Koopmans: LOFAR
Aaron Chippendale: Cosmological Reionisation Experiment MkI
Ron Ekers: From Corell to SARAS - the zero spacing interferometers
Abhi Datta: The Dark Ages Radio Explorer (DARE)
Steven Tremblay: BIGHORNS

DAY 2 (20 November 2012)

Nipanjana Patra: SARAS
Harish Vedantham: LOFAR
Leon Koopmans: SURO/LRX
Shantanu Padhi: Log conical spiral antenna
John O'Sullivan: Resistive screens
Jon Kot: Broadband antennas
Judd Bowman: Calibration limits
Judd Bowman: EDGES / DAWN
Paul Roberts: High speed digital signal processing - the BEDLAM board
Mike Terkildsen: Radio Astronomy and the Ionosphere
Mehran Mossammaparast: The BIGHORNS receiver
Keith Bannister: A self calibrating receiver for EoR detection

DAY 3 (21 November 2012)

McKinley: FM radio from the moon
Offringa: RFI statistics with LOFAR
Sokolowski: Data analysis for BIGHORNS
Liu: Global Signal Experiments
Lenc: MWA observations of the diffuse polarised foreground
Thylungra: EoR contamination and detection using the MWA