Fourth CAASTRO-CoEPP Joint Workshop

Challenging Dark Matter (CDM)
Tuesday 21 November 2017
Novotel Barossa Valley Resort, South Australia


The workshop will focus on:

  • High energy physics constraints including IceCube.
  • Is MOND dead , or even mortal?
  • Is there an annihilation signal in the Galactic centre or in dwarf galaxies?
  • What is meant by the dark sector? Is there one or more kind of Dark Matter?
  • Did dark matter feature in the thermal history of the Universe?
  • Is directional dark matter detection really feasible experimentally?
  • Does what we know of galaxy halos tell us anything about what dark matter is?
  • Does dark matter influence solar structure? CMB fits: cracks in LCDM  ?
  • Warm DM and the evolution of structure and Axions with radio telescopes
  • WISPs and low energy high precision experiments.
  • Simulating Dark Matter Annihilation Feedback


  • Elisabetta Barberio, UMELB
  • Nicole Bell, UMELB
  • Gary Hill, Adelaide
  • Nik Iwanus, USYD
  • Katie Mack, UMELB
  • Chris Power, ICRAR/UWA
  • Peter Quinn, ICRAR/UWA
  • Christian Reichardt, UMELB
  • Gavin Rowell, Adelaide
  • Lister Staveley-Smith, ICRAR/UWA
  • Michael Tobar, UWA
  • Ray Volkas, UMELB
  • Martin White, Adelaide


  • Elisabetta Barberio, UMELB
  • Jeremy Mould, SWIN
  • Anthony Williams, Adelaide


  • Caroline Hamilton, UMELB
  • Anthony Williams, Adelaide
  • Kylie William, USYD