Chief Investigators

Colless, Prof Matthew - Chief Investigator

Evolving, Dark
Australian National University

Phone: +61 2 6125 0266


Website(s): RSAA Website


Research Interests / Responsibilities:

Colless led the 6dF Galaxy Survey that used the UKST to map the density and velocity fields in the local Universe by measuring Fundamental Plane distances and peculiar velocities for 10,000 nearby galaxies. He brings this expertise to the WALLABY survey team, which will test the current cosmological paradigm that the distributions of dark and luminous matter are the same on the largest scales by combining the WALLABY all-sky neutral hydrogen survey using ASKAP with an all-sky optical survey using SkyMapper. Colless is engaged in the comparison of the radio and optical surveys and the analysis of the velocity field and its implications for cosmological models. The CAASTRO research program brings together the WALLABY and FLASH ASKAP surveys with the 6dF and the proposed TAIPAN UKST surveys. As a member of all four survey teams, Colless plans to study the co-evolution of gas and stars out to a redshift z ~0.25 using the ASKAP radio surveys to measure the neutral hydrogen gas component of galaxies and the UKST optical spectroscopy to measure the stellar component.