Partner Investigators

Kulkarni, Professor Shri - Partner Investigator

Caltech, USA

Website(s): Personal Website


Research Interests / Responsibilities:

  • Previous work includes: Millisecond pulsars, old neutron stars, young neutron stars, brown dwarfs, soft gamma-ray repeaters, supernova remnants, gamma-ray bursts and new types of optical transients;
  • Current focus is the Palomar Transient Factory, an innovative two-telescope approach to a systematic study of the transient sky;
  • Ongoing instrumentation projects include: Robo-AO, which aims to be the first robotic AO (Rayleigh scattering) AO system well suited for 2-m class telescopes, and also the SED Machine, which aims to leave no transient unclassfied;
  • Interests include surfing the electromagnetic spectrum and building new gizmos.