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Schmidt, Professor Brian - Chief Investigator

Evolving, Dark, Dynamic
Australian National University

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Professor Brian Schmidt is an Australian Laureate Fellow and Professor of Astronomy at The Australian National University’s Mount Stromlo Observatory. Leading "The Dark Universe" theme within CAASTRO, he makes sure that the activities around the Centre are coordinated, unified and internationally competitive. Brian’s unique roles as SkyMapper lead scientist and leader of the High-Redshift Supernova Search team gives him an international profile in this area second to none. The discovery of the accelerating Universe and of Dark Energy won him, jointly with Adam Riess and Saul Perlmutter, the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. Brian’s broad understanding of this subject field and his international contacts ensure that CAASTRO will lead this field internationally.
As the lead scientist on SkyMapper, Brian is in charge of delivering data products from the Southern Sky Survey for the wide variety of CAASTRO activities for which they are needed. This includes images, source catalogues and data products that go beyond the Southern Sky Survey’s planned activities. Brian’s research covers aspects of all three research themes within CAASTRO.