Peculiar Velocity Surveys

This Project will measure the distribution of Dark Matter on large scales using deviations from uniform expansion, known as Peculiar Velocities.  These deviations quantify cosmological models and test the laws of gravity on cosmological scales.  Australian surveys are providing rich datasets for applying both standard candles (supernovae, Fundamental Plane galaxies, and Tully-Fisher relation galaxies) and redshift-space distortions to perform such tests.  These include the 2MASS Tully-Fisher Survey (2MTF) which has collected galaxy velocity widths for application of the TF method, the 6dF Galaxy Redshift Survey (6dFGRS) which has compiled thousands of Fundamental Plane galaxies, and the SkyMapper supernova survey which will provide several hundred nearby Type Ia supernovae.


CAASTRO Researchers in this Project
Chris BlakeLister Staveley-Smith
A/Prof Chris Blake and
Prof Lister Staveley-Smith (Project Leaders)
CAASTRO Member Node
A/Prof Chris Springob University of Western Australia
Mr Tao Hong University of Western Australia / NAOC
Dr Jun Koda Swinburne University
Mr Andrew Johnson Swinburne University
Prof Tamara Davis University of Queensland