The Type Ia Supernovae Project

This project will provide an unprecedented understanding of Dark Energy through detailed observation of distant supernovae.  Through two world-leading supernova experiments, the SkyMapper supernova survey, and OzDES, we will map the expansion history of the Universe from low to high redshift (0.03 < z < 1.0) with the best-calibrated sample of Type Ia supernovae ever collected.  SkyMapper will discover 100 nearby (0.03 < z < 0.09) SNe Ia per year and obtain multi-colour light curves.  OzDES will obtain critical cosmological redshifts for the photometric Dark Energy Survey by obtaining spectra of the SN Ia host galaxies with 2dF+AAOmega.


CAASTRO Researchers in this Project
Brian Schmidt
Prof Brian Schmidt (Project Leader)
CAASTRO Member Node
Dr Chris Lidman Australian Astronomical Observatory
Dr Michael Childress Australian National University
Dr Richard Scalzo Australian National University
Dr Fang Yuan Australian National University
Prof Tamara Davis University of Queensland
Syed "Shuvo" Uddin Swinburne University