The BIGHORNS instrument aims to achieve an averaged all-sky measurement of the Epoch of Reionisation signal. This global signal can, in principle, be detected by a single accurately calibrated antenna and data capture system with just a few weeks of observation time at a site that has an exceptionally low level of radio interference.

The project has collaborations with CAASTRO researchers at Curtin, UWA, ANU and the University of Melbourne. The project also has significant links with the CAASTRO partner CSIRO.

The BIGHORNS antenna being tested in a remote areas so as to reduce the effect of human-generated radio emission on the experiment.

CAASTRO Researchers in this Project
Randall Wayth
 Dr. Randall Wayth  (Project Leader)
 CAASTRO Member  Node
 Dr. Steven Tremblay  Curtin University
 Dr. Marcin Sokolowski  Curtin University
 Mr. Mehran Mossammaparast  Curtin University