A list of all CAASTRO members:

Former  Member CAASTRO Location New Location
Steve Rawlings University of Oxford [deceased]
Susan Parker University of Sydney Sydney University of Technology
Jonathon Kocz Swinburne University of Technology UC Berkeley
Darshan Thakkar University of Sydney  Aviat Networks, New Zealand
Tanya Jones ICRAR / Curtin University La Trobe University
Jo Daniels University of Sydney
Lina Levin Swinburne University of Technology University of Manchester
Jay Banyer University of Sydney Vivienne Court Trading, Sydney
Ben Barsdell Swinburne University of Technology Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Ruth Jeffries University of Sydney
Rachel Kennedy ICRAR / Curtin University Financial Services/Strategic Procurement Unit, Curtin University
Rose Metcalfe ANU Department of Veterans Affairs
Shinkee Chung ICRAR / UWA Gravity Wave Group, Physics Department, UWA
Ragini Singh ANU  Research Services Division, ANU
Christina Magoulas University of Melbourne University of Cape Town, South Africa
Syed Faisal-Ur-Rahman ANU
Robert Braun CSIRO SKA Headquarters, UK
Glen Rees University of Sydney Macquarie University
Philip Lah ANU
Katie Lau ICRAR / UWA
Kitty Lo University of Sydney University College London
Bradley Greig University of Melbourne University of Pisa
Jake Hughes ANU University of Cardiff
Hannah Feldman Curtin University ANU / Questacon
Cody Gough Curtin University IBM, Perth
Luke Horsley Curtin University MWA group, Curtin University
Jarrod Ramsdale Curtin University
Morag Scrimgeour ICRAR / UWA, USA
Greg Madsen University of Sydney Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Canberra
Guinevere Kauffmann Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics Max-Planck Institute for Astrophysics
Rita Tomic Curtin University
Eyal Kazin Swinburne University  London, UK
Jun Koda Swinburne University INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Italy
Seonaid Rodgers Curtin University Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth
Mehran Mossammaparast Curtin University Standard Communications, Sydney
Andre Offringa ANU ASTRON, Netherlands
Akila Jeeson-Daniel University of Melbourne
Patrick Tisserand Australian National University Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, France
David Lagattuta Swinburne University Université de Lyon, France
Loren Bruns, Jnr University of Melbourne University of Melbourne eResearch Group
Sean Farrell University of Sydney
Sharon Rapoport ANU
Nastaran Rezaee University of Melbourne
David Valcin ICRAR / UWA
Richard Newton ICRAR / UWA IBM, UK
Vikram Ravi Swinburne University
Felipe Marin Swinburne University
Tristan Reynolds University of Melbourne
Michael Childress ANU University of Southampton, UK
Cleo Loi University of Sydney University of Cambridge, UK
Chris Springob ICRAR-UWA
Catherine deBurgh-Day University of Melbourne Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne
Antonios Katsianis University of Melbourne University of Chile, Chile
Samuel Oronsaye ICRAR / Curtin
Emily Petroff Swinburne University ASTRON, Netherlands
Davide Burlon University of Sydney Actuarial Pricing Analyst P&C, Germany
Shane O’Sullivan University of Sydney Instituto de Astronomía, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico
Matthew Varidel University of Sydney Rational Group
Michelle Sullivan University of Sydney University of Sydney
Syed Uddin Swinburne University Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Science, Nanjing, China
Dana Tabbara Swinburne University
Denise Sturgess ANU ANU, Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Jason Dossett University of Queensland Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera, Italy
Adam Thomas University of Queensland
Richard Scalzo ANU Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies, University of Sydney
Jamie Farnes University of Sydney Raboud University, The Netherlands
Stephen Ord Curtin University CSIRO (Sydney)
Iraklis Konstantopoulos AAO Envizi, Sydney
Duncan Campbell-Wilson University of Sydney [retired]
James Allen University of Sydney
Sarah Leslie ANU Germany
Lisa Fogarty University of Sydney Clifford Chance, GDL student at BPP London, UK
Sarah Reeves University of Sydney Powerhouse, Sydney
Mike Dalley Uluru Soneva Fushi, Maldives
Samuel Richards University of Sydney Japan
Se-Heon Oh ICRAR-UWA Korea
Ilana Feain University of Sydney School of Medicine, University of Sydney; Nano-X
Ed Macaulay University of Queensland University of Portsmouth, UK
Fang Yuan ANU Geoscience Australia, Canberra
Joe Callingham The University of Sydney ASTRON, The Netherlands
Balwinder Arora ICRAR-Curtin
Jacinta Den Besten The University of Melbourne [‘Telescopes in Schools’] The University of Melbourne [now School
of Physics]
Reynald Pain LPNHE, France [Partner Investigator] LPNHE, France
Paul Scott-Taylor ICRAR-UWA
Weiguang Cui ICRAR-UWA
Scott Meyer ICRAR-UWA
Stuart Wyithe University of Melbourne [Chief Investigator] University of Melbourne [now CAASTRO-3D]
Matthew Bailes Swinburne University of Technology [Chief Investigator] Swinburne University of Technology [now OzGRav]
Andrew Johnson Swinburne University of Technology
Ewan Barr SKA Organisation, Jordell Bank MPIfR, Germany
Wei Chieh Ng ANU The University of Auckland
Georgina Taylor ANU
Guido Granda Manoz UWA
Vincent Morrello Swinburne University
Susanne Meinen ANU  Germany
Manisha Caleb ANU  The University of Manchester, UK
Anna Kapinska ICRAR (UWA) ICRAR (UWA)
Shahab Joudaki Swinburne University Leiden
Jennifer Lynch University of Sydney Creative Science, Sydney
Ding Yan Swinburne University
Merryn Taylor University of Queensland Deloitte, Brisbane
Candy Wu University of Queensland University of Queensland
Daniel Muthukrishna ANU University of Cambridge
Katie Mack University of Melbourne University of North Carolina
Adam Schaefer University of Sydney University of Wisconsin
Jessica Bloom University of Sydney McKinsey & Company
Rebecca McElroy University of Sydney MPIA Heidelberg, Germany
Fabian Jankowski Swinburne University University of Manchester
Angela Garcia Swinburne University
Janette Ellis University of Sydney Tara Anglican School for Girls
Aina Musaeva University of Sydney
Kylie Williams University of Sydney University of Sydney, School of Dentistry
Paul Geil University of Melbourne
Hansik Kim University of Melbourne
Bart Pindor University of Melbourne University of Melbourne
Khaled Said University of Western Australia Australian National University
Kate Gunn University of Sydney Garvan Institute of Medical Research

CAASTRO Connections (Alumni Network)

Welcome to CAASTRO Connections – our Alumni Network. All CAASTRO alumni will be invited to join this new group and participate in a variety of events each year.

Forthcoming Events

  • Three alumni events will be held each year. Locations will vary and there will be opportunities to connect face-to-face or via video conference.


We encourage alumni to participate actively in the CAASTRO community: to attend events, to volunteer, to create new ways for alumni to stay connected to CAASTRO, and to contribute to the greatness of our centre. Whether you would like to be involved as a:

  • Commitee Member – currently seeking members!
  • Speaker at CAASTRO Connections event
  • Mentor, or
  • Local alumni group organiser

Please contact Deb Gooley for more information.

Our Objectives

The purpose of CAASTRO Connections is to foster a spirit of loyalty, support CAASTRO’s goals, and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community, and CAASTRO.

Consistent with the core values of community, education and service, the alumni network’s programs and services will provide alumni with meaningful opportunities to:


  • Receive valuable services to enhance their lives and careers
  • Serve the centre, other alumni, students and the community at large
  • Highlight the achievements of its alumni
  • Provide alumni with rewarding opportunities to serve CAASTRO, its members and its students
  • Continue the process of life-long learning
  • Foster diversity and community, strengthening ties to CAASTRO and growing relationships with other alumni

CAASTRO Completed PhDs

  • Below is a list of recent PhD theses completed under the supervision of one or more CAASTRO members. For a list of current CAASTRO PhD students, please visit the people page. To find out where our PhD graduates are now – click here.


    Manisha Caleb, A pursuit for celestial radio sources, Australian National University

    Jessica Bloom, Kinematic disturbance in the Halpha gas of nearby galaxies and its relationship to environment, stellar mass, and interaction, The University of Sydney

    Marcin Glowacki, Atomic hydrogen in the distance universe with the Australian SKA Pathfinder, The University of Sydney

    Rebecca McElroy, Active galaxies in the local universe: feedback, variability, and triggering, The University of Sydney

    Aina Musaeva, Intermediate mass black holes in dwarf galaxies, The University of Sydney

    Khaled Said, Peculiar flow fields in the ZoA from the NIR Tully-Fisher relation, The University of Western Australia/The University of Cape Town, South Africa

    Adam Schaefer, The modulation of star formation by galaxy environment using the Sydney-AAO Multi-object Integral field spectrograph (SAMI), The University of Sydney


    Sarah Reeves, H1 and OH absorption line studies of nearby galaxies, University of Sydney

    Andrew Johnson, Testing non-standard cosmological models with galaxy surveys, Swinburne University

    Joseph Callingham, An MWA source catalogue: Compact steep spectrum and gigahertz peaked spectrum sources at low radio frequencies, University of Sydney

    Samuel Richards, Novel new astrophotonic technologies and telescope instruments to addres the role of star formation as a function of galaxy environment, University of Sydney

    Jack Line, Detecting the power spectrum of the 21-sm emission of hydrogen from the Epoch of Reionisation, University of Melbourne

    Scott Meyer, Investigating the Tully-Fisher relation and galaxy kinematics through neutral hydrogen spectral line stacking techniques, Unviersity of Western Australia


    Catherine deBurgh-Day, Direct Shear Mapping, University of Melbourne

    Antonios Katsianis, Feedback and Evolution of High Redshift Galaxies, University of Melbourne

    Syed Uddin, On the Influence of the Host Galaxy in Supernova Cosmology, Swinburne University

    Emily Petroff, Our Dynamic Galaxy, Swinburne University

    Anthea King, Active Galactic Nuclei as high redshift standard candles, University of Queensland

    Steven Murray, Non-Parametric Descriptions of dark Matter Haloes, University of Western Australia

    Loren Bruns, Lyman alpha emitters as a probe of galaxy formation and ionisation history, University of Melbourne


    Nastaran Rezaee (MPhil), Simulation of noise properties of the Murchison Wide-field Array, University of Melbourne

    Tao Hong, The observational characteristics of the inhomogenous matter distribution in the Universe, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Ben McKinley, Early science with the Murchison Wide-field Array: From the moon to the nearest radio galaxies, Australian National University

    Sharon Rapoport, Gamma ray bursts and exploding stars, Australian National University

    Jonghwan Rhee, Cosmic hydrogen – fuel for star formation and tracer of baryon flow, Australian National University


    Bradley Greig, Lyα as a cosmological probe of dark energy: assessing the impact of systematics, The University of Melbourne

    Kitty Lo, Understanding and classifying the time-variable sky, The University of Sydney

    Morag Scrimgeour, Cosmology with structure and motion in the Universe, University of Western Australia


    Ben Barsdell, Spotting radio transients with the help of GPUs, Swinburne University

    Lina Levin, A search for radio pulsars: From millisecond pulsars to magnetars, Swinburne University

    Christina Magoulas, The fundamental plane and peculiar velocities from the 6dF galaxy survey, The University of Melbourne

    Ragini Singh, Quasars and the transverse proximity effect, Australian National University


    Keith Bannister, Astrophysical radio transients: Surveys and techniques, The University of Sydney

    gthening ties to CAASTRO and growing relationships with other alumni