Research News Stories 2012

First microquasar outside of our Galaxy found

SAMI finds windy galaxy using spatially resolved optical spectra

Milky Way or nearby Galaxy home to unusual variable X-ray source

MWA telescope unveiled in West Australian outback

Faint objects are also devoid of neutral hydrogen gas

New program to study nuclear gas in nearby radio-loud galaxies

The 128-tile MWA is able to detect the Epoch of Reionisation

Associate Investigator Dr Tara Murphy is NSW Young Tall Poppy

Professor Steven Tingay named WA Science Ambassador of the Year

New algorithm efficiently detects radio sources in MWA 32T data

The hydrogen gas in high redshift galaxies is fully ionised

Do gamma-ray bursts produce Lorimer bursts?

CAASTRO hosts ‘Astronomy in Antarctica’ workshop

All-sky Astrophysics in Melbourne during National Science Week

Wide-field Optical Astronomy from Antarctica

CAASTRO Telescope Tour to Siding Spring Observatory

MWA display at WA Museum in Geraldton

CAASTRO is hiring!

CAASTRO helps “Communicating Space”!

Presentations by Perth postgraduate students

The first CAASTRO Annual Report

Bankmecu Student Scholarship Winner

CAASTROers on the 2012 Malcolm McIntosh Lecture stage

Brian Schmidt granted $1 million for the SkyMapper telescope

Vision and Mission – The CAASTRO Vision

Invisible Hydgrogen is a Quirk of the Expanding Universe

CAASTRO teams up with MusicaViva ‘The Galileo Project’

Brian Schmidt ‘The Australian’ Australian of the Year

Supercomputing time for CAASTRO projects in 2012