Research News Stories 2014

Obituary for fallen scintillator J1819+3845

A pulsar in SNR 1987A?

Student makes redshifting a breeze

A win for CAASTRO, a win for women

CAASTRO theme leader honoured

It’s ‘game on’ for UTMOST

Largest-ever study of galaxy motions

Painting neutrinos into a corner

Professor Elaine Sadler announced as new CAASTRO Director

How to understand a cosmic elephant

Statement from CAASTRO Director Bryan Gaensler

CAASTRO Astronomer-in-Residence program with Ayers Rock Resort

The known unknowns of dark matter annihilation

Majority of galaxies in Fornax Cluster are fast rotating disks

Mystery burst from unusual pulsar or dying black hole in Galaxy

“The Dish” detects star fuel reservoirs around radio monsters

Uncovering the hidden underbelly of a starburst galaxy

Low-frequency images of our nearest neighbouring radio galaxy

Magnetised spinning neutron star at heart of brightest explosion

Do Earth-based transmitters affect our cosmological observation?

Science with the Murchison Widefield Array

Lab tests confirm excellent imaging properties of hexabundles

New spectrograph data pipeline yields high quality results