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"CAASTRO in the Classroom" is an outreach program designed to engage Australian school students and teachers with research scientists. The program offers:   

•    FREE video conferencing, live streaming and Q&A sessions for Australian schools
•    FREE classroom resources

CAASTRO in the Classroom is supported by the Australian Government through a Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship grant.


Activities to engage students                   Solar System cut outs

DIY Scale Model Solar System: Instruction sheet

Star origami: Instructions

Colouring sheets: Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3, Sheet 4


Video Conferencing, live streaming and Q&As       Back to top of page

In 2018, CAASTRO in the Classroom will offer three types of live sessions:-

Video conferencing: Curriculum-based presentations delivered through the New South Wales Department of Education DART Connections portal. To register and make a booking, visit DART Connections.

Video conferencing information for teachers: Important information about making the most of your CAASTRO in the Classroom video conferencing session.

Q&A with CAASTRO: Interactive question and answer session delivered via video conferencing (H.323 standard), Skype, Google Hangouts or Zoom. Schools can complete an expression of interest form and nominate suitable dates and times. Participating schools are asked to submit a list of questions on an astronomy topic prior to the session.

Live streaming events via YouTube Live: Join thousands of students to watch a live presentation by a world-class research scientist, with content linked to the Australian Curriculum.


Videos of 2017 sessions        Back to top of page

Videos of our 2017 live streaming sessions are available on CAASTRO's YouTube channel.

We also presented the inaugural Galaxy Convention, a two-day event designed to inspire the next generation of female STEM entrepreneurs. See here for YouTube videos of the talks.


2018 sessions        Back to top of page

In 2018, CAASTRO in the Classroom becomes ASTRO in the Classroom. The draft 2018 schedule of our major events is here.


Teacher Professional Development        Back to top of page

CAASTRO presented a number of workshops and keynote addresses for teachers across Australia during 2016. Recordings of some of these sessions are available via the CAASTRO YouTube Channel:

Classroom Astronomy Part 1 and Part 2: An overview of the research carried out by CAASTRO, the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics, presented to teachers at a workshop held at the University of Sydney on 8 November 2016.

Extreme Events: Exploring the Transient Radio Sky: Keynote address presented by Associate Professor Tara Murphy at the Science Teachers' Association of New South Wales Physics Teachers' Conference, held at the University of Sydney on 6 June 2016.

Women in Physics - Girls and Physics in High School and University: A discussion panel held at a Science Teachers' Workshop at the University of Sydney, 8 November 2016.



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CAASTRO in the Classroom was started in 2012 as a collaborative project with support from CAASTRO, the New South Wales Office of Science and Medical Research, and the New South Wales Department of Education. Past session topics have included: special relativity, the structure of the universe, and curriculum revision for Senior Secondary school students. Beyond Australia, CAASTRO in the Chinese Classroom has connected CAASTRO scientists, including Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt, with school students in China.

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