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Internship Opportunities

There are more jobs out there than people with PhDs!

Part of the CAASTRO Innovations, the goal of the CAASTRO Internship program is to allow astronomers and students to have the opportunity to work in industry for a period of time (usually from 1 to 3 months).

You can browse current opportunities via the following organisations:

AMSI Intern Program

contact Mark Ovens

contact Liz Jakubowski


contact Steph Delaporte

University of Queensland, School of Mathematics and Physics Summer Industry Experience

available to University of Queensland students (Bachelor, Hons, Masters).

If you are interested, please express your interest, and we will work with you to see if this something that will work with your circumstances. If it is, then we will work to find a suitable industry match. We will also help you develop an industry focused CV.

If you are interested in participating in the program please contact Kate Gunn with the following information.

  1. Name:
  2. Organisation/University:
  3. Why you are interested in this opportunity (<100 words):
  4. The skills you have that you can offer (<100 words):
  5. Do you have any previous experience working in industry(<100 words):


1. External Facebook Groups – the following groups are closed so you will need to request to be added:

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