AAO and CSIRO scholarships with CAASTRO Partners

Nov 9, 2011

The Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) and CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science (CASS) are CAASTRO Partner Organisations.

Students wishing to undertake postgraduate research with a CAASTRO Chief Investigator at one of the CAASTRO node universities have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and to be co-supervised by Professor Matthew Colless and Associate Professor Andrew Hopkins at AAO or Professor Ray Norris, Dr Brian Boyle and Dr Robert Braun at CASS.


  • AAO Honours Scholarships:

    The AAO offers a $5000 scholarship for Honours students enrolled at any Australian university, for a research project substantially co-supervised with an AAO staff-member.

    The deadline for applications is 30 November 2011.

  • AAO PhD Scholarships:

    In 2012, the AAO is offering up to two AAO PhD Scholarships, and up to two Trevor Burgess PhD Scholarships to students at Australian universities.

    All scholarships are for a period of 3 years, with a possible extension for a further 6 months. The value of the scholarships will be $5000 per annum. Annual renewal is conditional upon satisfactory performance by the student.

    The scholarships are open to any student accepted for a PhD programme at any Australian university who are substantially co-supervised by an AAO staff member. The Trevor Burgess PhD Scholarships are only open to Australian Citizens.

    The scholarships can support students with backgrounds in astronomy, physics, engineering or mathematics with thesis research programs in astronomy or astronomical instrumentation (and related fields).

    The deadline for applications is: 15 March 2012.

  • CASS Graduate Student Research Scholarships:

    Basic benefit packages provid overhead support valued at A$5000 per year. Support is offered in the way of office accommodation, computing facilities, and short-term accommodation (<1 month). Travel should be covered by the host University, although car transport with Epping ATNF staff going to the observatories is sometimes possible.

    The CASS / ATNF Graduate Student Program does not normally provide a scholarship, so students will need a full living and tuition scholarship at their host University.

    For exceptional students enrolled in the co-supervision program top-up scholarships are available on application:
    CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships
    John Stocker Postgraduate Scholarships
    John O’Sullivan Postgraduate Scholarships

    These top-up programs include an enhanced level of operational support, amounting (currently) to an additional A$5000 per year for the CSIRO program and up to A$10,000 per year for the SIEF programs. Please note that beforeapplying for one of these top-ups it is required that students are already enrolled in the CASS / ATNF Graduate Student Program.