Sep 12, 2011

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Top row: Sydney Observatory illuminated by the CAASTRO logo (l.); CAASTRO brochures in the marquee (r.)
Middle row: Superb catering for the guests of the CAASTRO Launch (l.); CAASTRO’s Ms Susan Parker and Ms Kim Dorrell and
University of Sydney’s Ms Alison Muir looking after the arrivals (r.)
Bottom row: String music and the backdrop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dusk (l.); from left, Prof Trevor Hambley (University of Sydney,
Dean of Science), Prof Bryan Gaensler (CAASTRO Director), HE Prof Marie Bashir AC CVO, Prof Margaret Shiel (CEO of the ARC),
Dr Alan Finkel AM (Chair of the CAASTRO Advisory Board) and Prof Lister Staveley-Smith (CAASTRO Deputy Director)