Dr Tamara Davis named 2011 QLD Young Tall Poppy

Dec 8, 2011

Dr Tamara Davis named 2011 QLD Young Tall Poppy

Dr Tamara Davis received her Young Tall Poppy Science Award and the $10,000 top prize from Queensland Premier Anna Bligh (see photo below). Announced earlier this month at the Premier’s Science and Innovation Reception at Parliament House in Brisbane, the awards recognise excellence in early career research and a passion and capacity to communicate science to the community.

“I love trying to figure out how the universe works, and still have a sense of wonder when I look at the night sky,” Dr Tamara Davis said. “It is such a privilege to have a job that pays me to do what I would happily do in my spare time.”

Tamara’s research includes using supernovae (exploding stars) to trace the expansion history of the universe. She has been an active participant in numerous science outreach programs, and has given many public talks, media interviews and also appeared on YouTube.