Professor Elaine Sadler announced as new CAASTRO Director

Sep 15, 2014

It is with great pleasure that the CAASTRO Advisory Board welcomes Professor Elaine Sadler as the new Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics. Elaine’s continued record of excellent leadership, science and international collaboration highlights her as an exceptional choice. We look forward to working closely with Elaine as CAASTRO continues to be an international leader in wide-field astronomy, technology and scientific collaboration.

The board would also like to acknowledge the dedication, drive and outstanding leadership of Professor Bryan Gaensler who built from inception an international team of Astrophysicists at CAASTRO who have been delivering great science, technological advancements and diversity in the workplace. We wish Bryan well in his future endeavours and look forward to continued collaboration with Bryan as a Partner Investigator.

Dr Alan Finkel, Advisory Board Chair

Elaine has been a Chief Investigator in CAASTRO since its inception. She has led the CAASTRO team focused on extragalactic hydrogen absorption, culminating in some exciting early science results from ASKAP that have been emerging in the last few months. More widely, Elaine has an extremely distinguished record in international astronomy and has extensive experience in wide-field optical and radio astronomy: she has published over 150 scientific papers, was a founding Director of Astronomy Australia Limited, and is a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science.

Elaine’s appointment as CAASTRO Director has had the unanimous and enthusiastic endorsement of the CAASTRO Execu
tive and CAASTRO Advisory Board, and has been welcomed by the ARC.

Over the past three years, CAASTRO has grown into a vibrant and successful organization.  Its vision is one which I share enthusiastically, and I am excited to be taking on this new role.  I look forward to working closely with the CAASTRO  team and our partners around the world, and would like to express my particular thanks to Bryan for his inspired leadership of CAASTRO as its founding Director.

Professor Elaine Sadler
Professor Elaine Sadler, CAASTRO Director