Renowned physicists tour Oz, explore the Universe

Oct 28, 2016

American theoretical physicist, Harvard Professor, best-selling author and advocate for gender equality in science Dr Lisa Randall is embarking on a speaking tour of Australia this November with the team behind the tours of Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Greene and Michio Kaku: Think Inc.

During the three city Australian tour, she will explore dark matter and the “fifth dimension” Dr Randall will take on the big questions about cosmology, extra dimensions in space and the nature of scientific thinking, as well as the personal challenges of a career in the highest levels of STEM.

Speaking over an intimate fireside style chat, Dr Randall will be joined by Australian astrophysicist, University of Queensland Professor and Ultimate Frisbee champion Dr Tamara Davis.

Dr Davis specialises in new fundamental physics, working to shed light on dark matter through the study of supernovae and galaxies.

She has tested new theories of gravity, measured time-dilation of distant supernovae, helped make one of the largest maps of the distribution of galaxies in the Universe, and is now monitoring hundreds of supermassive black holes to learn how they’ve evolved over the last 12 billion years.

Dr Davis leads “The Dark Universe” research theme in CAASTRO.

She is a prolific science communicator and has been awarded for her international impact and for female leadership in science.

She also made waves as the opening act for Think Inc.’s “An evening with Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson” in 2015.

From fellow physicists to lay scientists, from hoary professors to bright eyed students lookin g to the stars, “An evening with Dr Lisa Randall” is set to inspire a diverse audience of science lovers.

Join Lisa Randall and Tamara Davis as they discuss the astounding interconnectedness of the Universe and equally astounding disconnectedness of human beings, and remedies for the latter.

“An evening with Dr Lisa Randall” is hosted by Think Inc. with support from several Australian universities and science organisations.

Think Inc. is a young, Australian-based initiative dedicated to reinvigorating the thrill of rational discourse in daily conversation.

Through engaging events with world-class minds, Think Inc. brings excitement to intellectual fields.

Audiences are invited to discuss “smart answers to big questions” alongside international heavyweights in science, technology, innovation and societal change.

Thursday 17 November 2016 | BCEC, Brisbane
Friday 18 November 2016 | Seymour Centre, Sydney
Saturday 19 November 2016 | MCEC, Melbourne

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