Supercomputing time for CAASTRO projects in 2012

Jan 3, 2012

The following projects will make use of 2 mio. core hours of CAASTRO supercomputing time through NCI in the first term of 2012:

  • Dr James Allison (Univ. Sydney):
    A search for HI absorption in HIPASS data (2k hours)
  • Dr Stuart Sim (ANU):
    Type I Supernovae – Modelling Radiative Transfer for Thermonuclear and Core-collapse Explosions (200k hours)
  • Prof Michael Kramer (MPIfR, Germany):
    A search for highly accelerated binary pulsars (500k hours)
  • Dr Edoardo Tescari (Univ. Melbourne):
    The interplay between galaxies and intergalactic gas at high redshift (649k hours)
  • Assoc/Prof Chris Power (UWA):
    SKA-BOSS – Square Kilometer Array Baryon Oscillation Survey Simulations (649k hours)

The next step is for the researchers to complete the project application forms so that these projects can be scheduled.

In addition to the project form, those who are new to NCI will need to register an identity