Dark Theory and Simulations

This Project will perform advanced theoretical cosmology and gravity calculations for comparison with data in order to enhance the world-class science being undertaken by other projects in the CAASTRO Dark Theme.  Within the standard model of gravity, we will perform better modelling of non-linear structure formation using N-body simulations in order to maximise the utility of large scale structure data.  We will expand these model predictions to include models with non-standard gravity or particle physics, including models based on quantum gravity or with exotic particles such as sterile neutrinos.  This project will enhance results from CAASTRO observational programs and provide theoretical resources for other international cosmology efforts, producing transformative theoretical products that provide the means to go beyond the standard LCDM cosmological model and test theories that are currently unavailable in the standard analyses.


CAASTRO Researchers in this Project
David Parkinson
Dr David Parkinson (Project Leader)
CAASTRO Member Node
Dr Jun Koda Swinburne University
A/Prof Chris Blake Swinburne University
Ms Caitlin Adams University of Queensland
Dr Katie Mack University of Melbourne
Prof Stuart Wyithe University of Melbourne
Prof Tamara Davis University of Queensland